EP 1 Tracy Martin


Tracy Martin is an AMGA certified Rock Guide, an artist, an entrepreneur, and if you want to get married in Vegas she can marry you in Red Rock Canyon.

She has quite a slash career.

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:20 – Tracy’s house is full of art

00:03:32 – Tracy’s most recent art project, painting a utility box at Clark County

00:05:55 – Being in Las Vegas for 10 years from training for and taking AMGA courses/exams to guiding full time in Red Rock Canyon

00:07:00 – Before coming to Vegas, her guiding in New River Gorge and taking the Rock Instructor Course

00:07:54 – East coast guiding

00:09:39 – difference between Red Rock Canyon and East Coast in terms of guiding

00:11:36 – became friends with Elaina Arenz and form a team together to tackle AMGA courses/exams

00:13:46 – Looking back a little struggle on Rock Instructor Exam because of self-doubt due to gender imbalance of guiding community

00:15:50 – Felt important to have another female peer to go through the guide track

00:18:10 – “We already have a female guide” !!!???

00:20:30 – calm and ready for the Rock Guide Exam with preparation and support group

00:23:40 – Reasons to stay in Las Vegas

00:24:05 – How and when Tracy started rock climbing. mentioned needed life change around 20 years old

00:27:40 – South Lake Tahoe, cocktail waitressing and learning how to rock climb

00:30:04 – Reflecting on her strengths and weaknesses on rock climbing

00:34:15 – “one of the biggest pleasure of rock climbing…”

00:40:23 – juggling different jobs to make ends meet

00:42:15 – people were great but the conditions for guiding were always good

00:43:00 – dedicated to make art work

00:46:38 – coming back to guiding

00:48:28 – moving to CO working for Climbing Magazine and a taste of steep climbing

00:51:20 – graphic design work lessons because the world was going digital, had to reinvent herself again

00:53:40 – reconsider guiding again and hustle to get her AMGA training

00:58:00 – being older than peers and worried to pull the group back

01:01:08 – full time guiding in Red Rock Canyon, rewards and challenges from full time guiding

01:13:30 – diversify guide work, comparing guiding and instructing

01:15:15 – changes observed in guiding industry and climbing community

01:19:50 – mentors and role models, to name a few Aimee Barnes, Elaina Arenz, Lindsay Fixmer, Julie Culberson

01:28:45 – giving mentorship

01:31:10 – Back to Tracy’s art

01:35:19 – How to find Tracy?

01:37:38 – outlook

01:38:30 – weight training and climbing